Duck foie gras , jam of red peppers with hot pepper of espelette
Ravioli ‘’House’’ poultry and spinach, cream of foie gras
Lyonnaise salad, frisée lettuce, bacon, croutons and poched organic egg
Asparagus Bénédicte style, poached organic egg
‘’Risotto’’ Truffle of Périgord
King Crab with tartar of avocado and tomato
Shrimps nems, mint and lettuce leaves
Carpaccio of beef, shaving of parmigiano and salad rucola
Tartar of fresh Tuna Albacore, red onions confits, ginger and coriander
Small Chiffonnade of Serrano to be shared
Salad Institution Springtime
Marinated tomatoes, pine nut, foie gras, French beans , walnut oil vinaigrette
Caesar Salad de L' Institution
Niçoise Salad with fresh grilled Tuna Albacore
Assiette Brasserie de 11H à 18 H
Salmon tartar, Serrano, soup of season, cheese, asparaguses, french fried
Club Classic Sandwich, Salad and French Fried maison
Smoked Organic Salmon club Sandwich , Salad and French Fried maison
Genovese style Penne Pesto (pesto basil and dried tomatoes)

Eaux minérales Vittel, Eau de Perrier ou San Pellegrino 50cl

Organic pave of salmon & sauteed fresh green beans
Roasted cod, Crushed potatoes with Olive oil and Aioli
Fresh dover sole ''meunière, steamed potatoes
Organic salmon tartar, soja sauce, lime juice and vegetables wok
Thick-cut tuna steak Albacore Mi-cuit, mixed vegetables of Season
Belles Saint Jacques Fraîches a la plancha, Risotto with Fresh spinach
Beef tartar, raw or pan fried, regular (180g)
Stirloin steack ''Angus' 'Aberdeen
La Milanaise (breaded veal escalope)
Original Tenderloin of Beef
Pig's pot in honey and red wine sauce, seasonal roots vegetables
Traditional porc sausage of Lyon with pistachio
Prime cut Veal chop, seasonal vegetables en cocotte
Poultry Farmer in ‘Gigolette style’’, Madeira sauce and Tarragon
Institution Cheese Burger ou Institution St Marcellin Burger, frites maison
L'Institution Junior Burger (pas pour les grands)

Sauce maison au choix : pepper, Saint Marcellin, béarnaise and red wine
Leaves of salad, fresh green beans, french fries maison, wok vegetables, steamed potatoes,
homemade potatoes purée
Supplement Garnitures : 2,50

Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese with cream or coulis
Traditionnal Saint Marcellin
Crème Brulée « Maison » à la Vanille Bourbon
Gros Macaron « Maison » with salted butter Caramel
Almonds moelleux
Traditionnal Tart Praline « maison »
Tart of the day
L'indémodable Gros Baba Bouchon au Rhum
Marquise au chocolat « Guanaja Valrhona », cherry heart
Pineapple Carpaccio, façon piña colada, tuile aux amandes maison
Tirami-sù « Classical »
Café ou thé Gourmand

All our products are fresh and worked in our establishment